How This Works.

To add some dynamism and some fun into posting schedules (which though consistent, don’t follow any specific pattern), I have decided to organise some days of the week which will have specific related posts. In case there is any one topic that you are most interested in looking out for, then you can come on down and read the posts that are scheduled on that specific day.

Also, please don’t mind the alliterations; I had such fun coming up with them!

1. Travel Tuesdays. 

If you have been following my blog, you would realise that I’m a bit of an aspiring photographer/globe trotter/extraordinaire/ etc etc etc. I love traveling, and I love photography, and this blog has been my outlet to showcase both of these passions to you. As such, Tuesday posts will now be solely dedicated to my sojourns, pictures, stories and whatnot. For all you travel enthusiasts out there, I hope to hear from you more so on Tuesdays than any other day!

2. Wordful Wednesdays

Writing has always been my solace; that was the main reason why I started blogging in the first place. To get my words out into the open, to share my thoughts, to hear other people’s thoughts, and to cultivate my interest and passion. As such, wednesdays will be dedicated to pieces of my writings that I wish to share with you.

3. Foodie Fridays

As you may very well know, I have never been much of a cook. Ever. Never ever. But ever since I moved to the UK, I have had no choice but to indulge in various cooking expeditions (because that is what they were for me, initially) just for the sake of survival. Hence, I’d like to share some easy recipes, and my cooking experiences (with pictures, of course, to show proof that they weren’t complete disasters).

4. Stylish Saturdays

As a aspiring fashion blogger, I have many things to share/discuss/ask about fashion. Saturdays will be dedicated to fashion-related posts, style tips, suggestions, maybe even guest bloggers (if all goes well…).

And there you have it! A semblance of order and routine which I hope to follow. Thank you for your support, always!


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