365 days gone, another 364 to conquer. Hence, a new page about Her, following the age old traditions of starts and ends.

She is from Singapore, currently living in a city in the United Kingdom. She has been here for one and a half years thus far, studying International Relations, both the boon and the bane of her life.

In her handbag are the few essentials by which she leads her life: a book, several pens, her notebook, her phone(when she can manage, she lugs her big camera around), her iPod, her passport and a bottle of water filled with hot water(always, no compromises there).

This has been her journey for the past year and a half, riddled with memories, adventures, commentaries, and thoughts. There is still some time left for you to continue with her, in her journey, by her side.

If you will, after you, please.


23 thoughts on “She.

  1. Rohit says:

    Cool blog. Your vocabulary and style of writing are indicative of a good future in the world of literature. Don’t forgte us little people when you become the next jane Austen 😉

    1. Haha oh Kyna, you do realize that you left your email address with your name on it right? That defies the purpose of playing “guess who”. I am back in the Uk, and yes let’s catch up!

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